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Regardless of your personal political preferences or parties, some readers might be interested in the attached website and either agree with or refute with facts the foregoing and following commentary. If we are mistaken, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
I used to wonder about myself maybe being the victim of a right wing conspiracy theory by researching and studying this stuff, but the more time goes by, and the more information comes out in public, and is alluded to by our public officials and Non Governmental Organizations(NGO’s)who assist and sometimes prevail in the governance of our country, the less I worry about“theory,” the more I stew about the facts that we find. The Yellowstone to Yukon and The Wildlands Project come to mind, particularly in Lemhi County, where we live. With the Sonoran Institute and the Brainerd Foundation being apparently prime supporters of Lemhi Valley Stewardship and the Lemhi Land Trust, I find it interesting that both the Sonoran Institute and Brainerd Foundation are on the list of past supporters of The Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative, which is quite obviously a key part of the Wildlands Project. Both projects call for a major relocation of huge segments of the general population to urban, and out of the rural areas, allegedly for“sustainability” reasons. Then we read that the Nature Conservancy wrote The Wildlands Project plans and recommendations on contract to Dr. Reed Noss and his associates, one of whom seems to be Dave Foreman of Earth First infamy. Kind of makes me want to always take a second look at the “warm and fuzzy” projects that our local N G O’s are promoting here. Of course I never tire of mentioning a statement that Luther Propst, founder and c e o of the Sonoran Institute made in an article in New West magazine that wherever he goes where the Sonoran Institute has been for a while , the area has “ gone from boom to bust.” The fact that we have mentioned that in previous communications does not change the meaning or content
Having secured a copy of the Global Biodiversity Assessment, (G B A), eleven hundred forty pages of guidelines written for the United Nations Environmental Program, has greatly increased our knowledge of what to expect in future rules, regulations, and laws. Whether anyone agrees with our conclusions or not, the fact remains that this information is easily accessible from private, U S Gov’t, U N, or N G O sites. We have found and earmarked many things in the G B A that we see going on right here in our own area.
Seeing that George H W Bush mentioned the “New World Order”several times, from 1990 till at least 1993, It is no wonder that he, along with Bill Clinton and Obama accepted the precepts in what is now called Agenda 21. This stuff seems to cross party lines, so it’s bound to be good for us, right? Lloyd Jones 


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