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Kristin Foss started her April 2nd presentation to the Salmon City Council by saying she understands the city’s decision to not sponsor a fireworks display is one of acting in what it feels is the best interest of citizens of Salmon.

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Last year there was no traditional 4th of July Fireworks display due to the discovery the display has never been insured and how much it would cost to obtain liability insurance. Salmon City Councilman Jim Bockelma

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At the March 19 meeting of the Salmon City Council the subject of mediation was discussed for over half an hour at the end of which it was decided more actual facts and figures, such as percentages of use, are needed before proceeding into the process described by City Attorney Fred Snook.

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Public Works Team Chairman/Councilman Fred Waidely told the March 19 meeting of the Salmon City council that the ream reviewed a de-annexation request by John Little at the team’s March 12 meeting along with a staff report on the request by City Planner Dan Maiyo. 

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