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The Sacajawea Center is gearing up for the summer season after a quiet winter.  Each summer the Center hosts a number of youth-oriented educational programs as well as provides visitor services from its Interpretive Center seven days a week.  Its dedicated group of volunteer docents gives the Lemhi Valley a context and a personal touch for travelers from all over the country and the world.  Whe

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Rick Zundel, 45, of Idaho Falls, was being held in the Bonneville County Jail on Tuesday on charges of felony attempted strangulation.Idaho Falls police said Zund

The latest seismic surge, including 100 small to moderate quakes on Monday alone, has galvanized government scientists, who planned to install special seismometers in the area as early as Tuesday to more closely track the activity.

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Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson has other Western Members of Congress in urging House leadership to fully fund the federal government’s obligations to counties with a high percentage of federal land.
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This past weekend on the upper Salmon River, the vast majority of anglers were found in location code 19 between the Sawtooth Hatchery and the Yankee Fork.


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